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What's Going On

HCR always has something happening!!  Whether it's fun times at rehearsal, performing at the Texas Renaissance Festival or spending the day at an elementary school teaching, you can bet the members of HCR are having a great time.  Check out our Events page to see what is coming up and what we've done in the past.  

About HCR

Formed over lunch by Stevie Berryman, Sondra Tucker, and Meredith Gaines, Houston Chamber Ringers has quickly turned into a premier and unique handbell choir within the Houston Area.  With less than 2 years under their belt, HCR has performed at venues such as the Forum at Cypress Creek Community Center and Pearl Fincher Museum of Fine Arts in Spring, Texas, along with a performance at Roundtop Festival Hill outside of Brenham, Tx.

Booking With HCR

The Houston Chamber Ringers are available to play for events of all kinds: weddings, parties, corporate and community events, concert series, and much more. As an advanced handbell ensemble, we offer multiple options to fit your need, space, and budget.  You can choose from our full handbell choir to a smaller ensemble for your next event. 

For more information go to the Contact page and email HCR's Booking Agent Jerry McLennan [booking@houstonchamberringers.org]

The Houston Chamber Ringers is a professional handbell ensemble whose goal is to entertain, educate, and perform with passion, dedication, and artistry.

Houston Chamber Ringers Handbell Ensemble

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Houston Chamber Ringers handbell performance in the Houston area.

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