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"Swing big or surrender your bat."

- Stevie Berryman this?

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ReDirected is a festival for community handbell ensembles to rethink and refine their performance skills. Three days of expert assessment and instruction culminate in a public concert on a professional stage.

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Ok, sum it up for me.

Eight community ensembles are selected via application. This is your chance to get out of the church sanctuary and onto a professional stage, so go nuts: use the fly system, or lighting effects, or bring a percussion pit. We want to see what you would do if you weren't afraid of failing. This is a safe space to take big risks. You will have...

  • Public concert in a professional performance hall with access to full lighting, sound, projection capabilities.

  • Private clinics with three different experts to refine your performance before the concert.

  • Evaluation of your concert performance by experienced adjudicators who will provide written feedback.

  • A package of professional candid and formal photos of your ensemble, with the option of adding a headshot package.

  • Professionally recorded and edited video of your performance.

  • Opportunities for “deep dive” explorations into topics particularly relevant to community ensembles.

  • “Dinner Date” opportunities to participate in guided topic discussions over a meal.

  • Opportunities to socialize and network with other ensemble members (like our Bar Crawl).

Huh. Could you use more pictures to explain it?

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Details, please.

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Date: January 28-30, 2022


Location: Lone Star College-Tomball, in Tomball, TX


Cost per performer: $150


Cost per Independent Participant (Indy Pat): $150

Indy Pats are welcome to observe Deep Dive sessions, go on Group Dinner Dates, join in the Friday night Bar Crawl, and attend the dress rehearsal and concert. They may arrange for headshots (for an additional fee), if time allows. Basically, you are invited to everything except the private coaching sessions.


General Schedule:

Friday afternoon

Arrive and set up your equipment in your designated space

First rehearsal time and coaching session

Group Dinner Date opportunity #1

Bar Crawl



More individual rehearsal time

2 private coaching sessions

Deep Dive topic explorations

Meet with lighting tech

Group photos

Optional headshots (extra fee, as time allows)

Dress rehearsal onstage 

Group Dinner Date opportunity #2


Deep Dive

Final rehearsal/concert prep

Public concert


Receive written performance feedback from guest adjudicators

Now I have even more questions...

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Meet Doris, your fake assistant.

When you see my picture, it means I have some helpful information for you! Here are some questions I can help you with....

Q: What are the Group Dinner Dates?

A: On Friday and Saturday nights, a local musician will host a group of participants for dinner at a nearby restaurant to lead discussion around a specific topic. Participants sign up in advance which dinner they want to attend, and pay for their own meal and drinks. You can choose based on the discuss topic, the type of food, the price of the meal, or choose to do your own thing. Dinner dates will be limited to 6-8 people, so sign up early. This is a great opportunity to meet people from other ensembles and hear what they think about fundraising, or concert planning, or board strategies, etc.

Q: Are you serious about a bar crawl?

A: Why yes! We'll have a marvelous concert on Sunday, so let's blow off the jet lag Friday night. We'll provide a few designated drivers, and Uber or Lyft are available. Classes won't start until 10:00 Saturday morning, so get to know your colleagues

Q: No, for real, are you serious?

A: Yes, shut up

Q: I've never worked on a professional stage before. How do I even know what I want for lighting?
A: All you need is a general idea. You don't have to request any special lighting, but if you want to ask for specific colors, or for the lighting to brighten or dim, we can make that happen. Complicated requests will have to be evaluated individually. 

Q: Will the concert be recorded?

A: YES! We are bringing in a professional videographer to record the concert. After the event, you will receive an edited video of your ensemble's performance, ready to be used for publicity. 


Q: Who can attend the concert? 

A: Anyone who buys a ticket. 

Q: Will the concert be livestreamed?

A: No. We want to help you prepare for an amazing spring concert, so we don't want to give away any surprises!

Q: I'm still not convinced. Give me yet another reason to apply to come.

A: Between the professionally edited concert footage, the professional group photos, the professionally-shot performance candids (taken during dress rehearsal, so we can get close shots without spoiling the concert!) and the pre-written press release you can use immediately, each performing group is receiving a press kit worth at least $800!

Q: Food, lodging, and transportation?

A: Those aren't questions. 

But okay. All meals are the responsibility of the participants. We will provide a listing of our favorite eating establishments near the venue. There are literally hundreds of places to eat within a 15 minute drive.

Lodging is up to participants, but we will provide hotel listings that will give you special rates for our event. 

Transportation is up to participants, although we will have some limited abilities to drive you short distances. Uber and Lyft are readily available if you are not planning on driving your own vehicle. If you are flying to Houston, IAH is the closest airport, and is about 30 minutes away from the venue.

Q: Do we bring our own instruments and equipment?

A: This is your performance! Bring what you want. If you would like to borrow anything standard (tables, foam, covers, bells, chimes, mallets), just ask. But if you are borrowing from us, you get what you get and you don't throw a fit. We can't guarantee a particular bell manufacturer or hardness of foam.

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More questions? Email Stevie Berryman at

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